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Peyote People

Huichol Mexican Folk Art Bull Skull by Florencio Lopez PP6545

Huichol Mexican Folk Art Bull Skull by Florencio Lopez PP6545

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Welcome to Peyote People

This is a huge hand beaded skull that measures 20" wide from horn to the the other horn, 29" from the tip of the horn to the tip of the nose, 21" from the top of the head to the tip of the nose and is 8.5" wide across the eyes.

Huichol art abounds today in places like ebay, as well as tourist towns like Puerto Vallarta. A simple google search will bring up more web sites than there are Huichol!! The true art however is very difficult to find. It does not come from Huichol that live in the city, but rather those who actually live in the sierra, those who are involved in doing the ceremonies and rituals that make up what it means to be Huichol. Florencio Lopez the son of Don Jacinto Lopez Ramirez, one of the founding fathers of the bead art. Florencio's family, as one of the pioneering families of the art, has been doing the bead art for over 30 years.

***Because this is an actual bull skull it cannot be shipped with DHL or Fedex so we will be sending this piece with USPS express service which has a tracking number and will take 3-4 weeks to arrive***

For a limited time only we are offering Free USPS Express Mail Service to the US and Canada.

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