Collection: Textiles

The International community has recognized Pedro Motaño for his perfectionist skills. Sheep wool and natural fibers are the materials that he uses for his rugs. Motaño uses ancient techniques, mainly in the dyeing of wool with natural dyes, such as plants, roots, mosses, barks and husks of fruits and trees and mainly indigo paste and the cochineal grana. These same techniques have been used in the making of rugs since prehispanic times.

The tradition of the Andean loom is closely linked to a great spirituality, which represents aptitude and technique. An attitude towards life and, above all, personal growth exercises. Weaving Master Constantino Laura began next to his father, absorbing every detail and every intention as if they were seeds that he would take care of and grow in time. A weaver, painter and poet, Tino comes from a family of weavers from Ayacucho. He is currently one of the most recognized contemporary textile artists in Latin America and his career includes prestigious biennials and textile exhibitions worldwide.