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Peyote People

Huichol Hand Beaded Jaguar Head Jesus Jimenez PP6619

Huichol Hand Beaded Jaguar Head Jesus Jimenez PP6619

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The Wixarika (Huichol) people are internationally acclaimed for their artwork. This piece is adorned with symbology from their culture.

Huichol art abounds today in places like ebay, as well as tourist towns like Puerto Vallarta. A simple google search will bring up more web sites than there are Huichol!! The true art however is very difficult to find. It does not come from Huichol that live in the city, but rather those who actually live in the sierra, those who are involved in doing the ceremonies and rituals that make up what it means to be Huichol. Jesus Jimenez de la Cruz lives in San Andres Cohamiata the ancient Ceremonial Center deep in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Western Mexico. Jesus has served his community cargo or position including that of Governor back in 1986. Today Jesus only comes to town once and a while but always brings wonderful pieces that reflect his commitment to his culture.

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