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Huichol Mexican Folk Art Yarn Painting by Neikame PP4161

Huichol Mexican Folk Art Yarn Painting by Neikame PP4161

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Welcome to Peyote People

We are based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where we have run a Native Folk Art Gallery since 1997 that works directly with the Huichol artists and their families. This is an extraordinary Yarn, Beads & painting that measures 24" x 24". For years most Huichol have been content to follow the footsteps of their ancestors doing the same yarn painting over and over again until one artist named Neikame came along. Neikame has almost single handedly changed the direction that Huichol art is going with his mixed media pieces that are made up of yarn, beads and acrylic paint that add real depth to his work. Neikame is an exceptional artist from Guadalupe Ocotan, in municipality of La Yesca, Nayarit. A teacher by trade, he did a stint in the Mexican Army and after almost loosing his culture went back into the Sierra to study with his grandfather who has taught him the way of the elders. Today Neikame believes his art is a reflection of how the Huichol feel in the new world order. His surreal style is undoubtedly taking Huichol art in a whole new direction. Peyote People has been recognized by the Huichol Traditional Government of San Andres Cohamiata for its work in the community and started a Fair Trade co-operative that promotes cultural authenticity by working with Huichol that actually live in the Sierra, because unlike the urban Huichol that live in the city, the Sierra Huichol are actively involved in the preservation of their cultures traditions.

Please feel free to write us if you have any questions regarding anything in our collection.

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