Pedro Montaño

The International community has recognized Pedro Motaño for his perfectionist skills. Sheep wool and natural fibers are the materials that he uses for his rugs. Motaño uses ancient techniques, mainly in the dyeing of wool with natural dyes, such as plants, roots, mosses, barks and husks of fruits and trees and mainly indigo paste and the cochineal grana. These same techniques have been used in the making of rugs since prehispanic times.

At age 12 he began to weave larger pieces with greater degree of difficulty, they were no longer just valances, nor working with traditional technique, but now he weaves geometric figures of all kinds, mainly diamonds. The Zapotec frets and ornaments used in his work are also found in the ruins of Mitla.

Constantino laura

Constantino is an amazing artist from Peru. Originally from Ayacucho, his father taught him as well as his brother, the art of weaving. Tino’s incredible tapestries often talk about the mythology and cosmos of the Andean culture.