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Mayola Villa Lopez

Huichol Hand Beaded Bull Skull By Mayola Villa Lope

Huichol Hand Beaded Bull Skull By Mayola Villa Lope

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Welcome to Peyote People.

Mayola Villa Lopez is the granddaughter of Jacinto Lopez Ramirez. He was an older Huichol shaman, considered to be the grandfather of the commercial bead art.

***Because this is an actual bull skull it cannot be shipped with DHL or Fedex so we will be sending this piece with USPS express service which has a tracking number and will take 3-4 weeks to arrive***

This is a wonderful hand beaded skull by Mayola Villa Lopez from San Andres Cohamiata. This skull measures 17" wide from horn to the the other horn, 28" from the tip of the horn to the tip of the nose, 18" from the top of the head to the tip of the nose and is 7" wide across the eyes.

Please note that the horns for this piece naturally slip off of the skull. They are wrapped seperately and are placed in the bottom of the package.

Please feel free to write to us if you have any questions regarding anything in our collection.
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