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Florencio Lopez

Extraordinary Hand Beaded Geco By Florencio Lopez

Extraordinary Hand Beaded Geco By Florencio Lopez

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Welcome to Peyote People

Florencio Lopez Carrillo is the only son of Don Jacinto Lopez Ramirez, a great shaman who was well documented in the 1970's and is featured in the 1978 book 'Art of the Huichol'. Jacinto and his family including Florencio are considered to be one of the most important families in the commercialization of the bead art. Florencio is by trade a politician, he has served his community as sheriff or commisario, and was the municipal delegate of his community. Because of his expirience we have gone to great lengths to import special Czech #13 glass beads for him to use in his work. For those who are not familiar with the micro bead, it is just about half the size of the regular bead that is commercially available here in Mexico. The detail that Florencio is able to create with this mirco bead is absolutely astounding. Florencio's work should be cherished not only for its artistic value but also because he is actually involved in the preservation of his cultures traditions. For a limited time only we are offering Free USPS Express Mail Service to the US and Canada.

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