The Castillo Family

Alfonso Castillo Orta was a Mexican potter from the ceramics town of Izúcar de Matamoros, Puebla. His work has made the ceramics of his hometown internationally renowned. Alfonso taught his wife and five children who continue his legacy of fine craftsmanship. The Castillo family is famous for their trees of life sculptures. They have received various awards for their work, and are considered part of the grand masters of Mexican folk art.

The Castillo family became particularly noted for their diverse themes. Their Art has many examples of Mexican culture such as the food like mole, or more religious themes and festivals such as Day of the Dead. Their studio became popular for their use of polychromatic pottery.

Javier Servín

All the pieces of Cerámica Servin reflect contemporary art and the inspiration of ancestral roots. Born on July 10, 1957 in La Lagunilla, Jerécuaro Gto. Since he was little he showed interest in the arts, he liked to draw, make wood and bone carvings. Later he decided to study plastic arts at the San Carlos Academy and later, architecture at UNAM. At the same time, he goes to work in a ceramic workshop in Coyoacán, D.F. In which he discovers his true vocation, he started with a small workshop in 1981, from which, to date, six more workshops have emerged, all of them from the family. Which produces more than 200 different models in high temperature ceramics, in addition to its new lines of porcelain and silver jewelry. 

The success achieved by Javier Servin Cerámica is undoubtedly due to originality and the constant search for innovation, always taking care of the quality in each of its pieces, handmade by specialized artisans. The piece goes to the oven, in which it will remain for a period of 8 hours at a temperature of 1280 ° C which makes his pieces microwave and oven safe.


The piece is an original design by Mara. One of a kind, hand made by expert craftsmen, in her home workshop. Mara is an award winning Mexican Artist, a student of Alfredo Zalce, who was Diego Rivera´s understudy. She has participated in many national and international exhibitions. All of her work is cooked at 1300C and the paints are leadless.

Demetrio Aguilar

Demetrio was born in the village of Ocotlán, Oaxaca. He grew up in a family of clay artists. By drawing on the traditions of his grandmother and his mother, Demetrio creates truly magical pieces. He learned to gather and prepare the raw materials in the same fashion as his ancestors. He uses these techniques to model engaging folkart figures for which his family has earned worldwide acclaim.

Always combining his mother’s folk art tradition with his own unique style. Demetrio creates truly fantastic pieces out of ceramic, for example clay dolls and plaques. In addition, his artwork contains personal interpretations of themes such as religion, culture and family.